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Special Promo Raket Badminton Victor Thruster YIN / TK-YIN F

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Exclusive @sportscenter_indo  Sports Center merupakan Authorized Dealer Victor di Indonesia. Hanya menjual original 100%. Spe...

Category: Racquets Brand: Victor

Exclusive @sportscenter_indo 


Sports Center merupakan Authorized Dealer Victor di Indonesia. Hanya menjual original 100%. 

Special Promo Victor High End Racket Thruster 烎 (yín)
Sports Center merupakan Authorized Dealer Victor di Indonesia. Hanya menjual original 100%.


Weight / Grip Size

String tension LBS ≦31lbs(14Kg)

Frame Material

High Resilient Modulus Graphite +Nano Resin+HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY

Shaft Material

High Resilient Modulus Graphite +Nano Resin + 6.4 SHAFT


The box-shaped design effectively increases the stability and anti-torque, can stand higher string tension. • 72-Hole Isometric Head

Concentrated sweet spot for speedy drive, powerful smash and straightly defense. • Hard Cored Technology

Inspired by the military helicopter, multi-layered structure made by carbon fiber and composites, minimize material size, reinforce handling feel and performance at a critical standard. • Nano Tech

The NANO TEC technology works by evenly distributing nano-sized particles in the vacant space between carbon fiber bundles, this highly increases the overall stiffness of the carbon composite fibers, and reduces the distortion of the frame.

Free : Protection Bag Victor +String

CV. Sports Center
Authorized Dealer Victor Indonesia

  • Berat/ Ukuran Grip 4U/ G5